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Tibet Corner is a Tibetan & Indian restaurant serving a myriad of traditional Tibetan and Indian cuisine. Whether you're a Vegan, Vegetarian or a meat lover, the Tibet Corner's assortment of flavorful foods are sure to satisfy even the heartiest appetites. Each dish will have its own distinctive flavor and aroma which cannot come from any curry powder, we prepare our own sauces from spices which have to be separately prepared each day fresh for each individual dish. Tibet Corner is the first one to offer Tibetan & Indian cuisine here in downtown Hopkins.






Very good, freshly made food. Mostly ordered from the Indian menu but will try the Tibetan menu next.

Matthew F.

As an unassuming corner restaurant across the street from a Chipotle I’d been by many times and never thought twice about trying this place out. What a huge mistake. A friend and I met for dinner and the food and service are both killer. The restaurant was pretty drafty so if it’s cold out wear a sweater, but the food makes this 5-stars.

Steve S.

I tried one of each item in the lunch buffet. I was expecting some good and some bad, but every single thing was amazing. I came back just now for dinner. Very authentic and friendly

Can G.

Love, love, love the beef shap-ta!! Can’t get enough!

John H.

Good food, friendly staff, reasonable prices! Our go-to Mainstreet restaurant!

Fletcher C.

Went to Tibet Corner for the first time tonight. The food was delicious. I had the fried beef momo and a buttered tea and my friend had the beef shapta, both of which were delicious. The server was very friendly and explained the menu to us and had great suggestions about the dinner. I will definitely be coming back.

Benjamin Bartemes

Good food, but was disappointed that instead of having normal naan (yum!) they had pita naan, which wasn’t as good.

Josh Dobbins

Some of the best food I’ve ever had. Every time I come here it tastes better.

Nick Bromann

Arrived before close on a Saturday evening a few weeks ago. I loved the warm colors and simple decorations along the walls – it felt very intentional. I was served by the restaurant owner, and ordered his recommendation, a Tibetan beef soup. It wasn’t only delicious, but I felt invigorated by the warmth of the soup. Speaking with one of the cooks later on, he informed me that in Tibet, they often eat the soup everyday during the winters, as it’s very healthful. I’ve been twice more for the lunch time buffet – a great way to enjoy traditional Indian food while in Hopkins.

Edward J.

I have eaten three times at Tibet Corner and I enjoy the food very much. I lived in India for 17 years, so it is nice to have a place so close to me to enjoy Indian food again. The owner is also very welcoming and helpful.

Dawn L.

Authentic Tibetan food plus selections from India. Consistently great food and service. The owner is always there and helpful with suggestions. If you ask them to make the food spicy hot, even “Indian hot,” they make it great. Vegetable samosas are a wonderful starter appitizer. Limited selections of wine and beer. Pleasant outdoor seating in summer.

David V.

The Best! Friendly Staff. Absolutely Delicious Food! The Buffet is Amazing and Changes Often. Convenient Location. Stop Reading and Start Eating – Go to Tibet Corner!

Paul W.

I always go to the Tibet Corner for their Lunch Buffet. It’s a good selection of food and its of great quality! For dessert, they have this molasses cake (you probably know what it’s called, go you) that is so balancing after a large meal. I always leave feeling like I’ve reached Nirvana!

Natalie G.

I’ve been here a couple of times now for the lunch buffet, and it is very good, with friendly service and a good number of options at a reasonable price. Looking forward to trying it for a meal from the menu as well.

David L. Minneapolis, MN

Small place – simple but awesome food.. !! Not too spicy (that’s the good part) , yet has the right flavor’s

Joseph V. Hopkins, MN

So happy to see this place open in downtown Hopkins! Their food is really yummy, their service is awesome, and their prices are extremely reasonable. We will absolutely be going back.

Kati E. Minneapolis, MN

Charming restaurant with EXCELLENT food. Love that everything is fresh. On q chilly night, I had the Thentuk, a soup with homemade noodles and lots of veggies. And the steamed dumplings? Wow. Just wow. I’ll be back.

Sean J. Minneapolis, MN

When I first heard of a new indian/tibetan restaurant coming to my side of town I immediately hopped on the opportunity to get a hold of them and suggest they mark veganizable options on their menu, they were right on it! I’ve ordered dal and somosas for take out, always excellent, and the lunch buffet is great. Just make sure to ask which items are vegan. Their fried rice is amazing! When I’ve been for lunch it has always been between one of two regulars working. The girl does fine, just not overly smiley or welcoming. The guy is great! Talkative and makes sure you are enjoying your meal.

Amanda M. Hopkins, MN

My 6 year old had her pick of anywhere to go for Valentine’s Day and she wanted Butter Chicken and Fried Beef Momos from here. We didn’t argue. So good.

Mike N. Minneapolis, MN

So good! Fried beef momos and the cabbage salad went great together. Noodles and fried rice were fantastic too. So glad this place is here, we will be back!

Shannon A. Minnetonka, MN

Everything here is so fresh and flavorful! One of my favorite places in downtown Hopkins! I hope it sticks around. It may not have the fanciest exterior but don’t let that dissuade you. Covered patio is a great way to spend the afternoon. The soups are delicious and the chicken lollipops and samosas are amazing. Don’t let this good thing go, Hopkins! Be sure to visit 🙂

Mariam M. Hopkins, MN

This food was delicious! I had this vegetable and rice dish with the garlic naan-wow, so good! The staff was very friendly, and the outside seating is great for dining al fresco.

Robert S. Minneapolis, MN

We ordered takeout, got Tibetan Cho-Mein and Beef Momos and Vegetable Samosas. The hostess was very friendly and the food was great. Cho-Mein is definitely recommended

Andrew H. Edina, MN

This is our first time here and we ordered beef shap-ta, the mix vegetables soup,and steamed dumplings which take 15 minutes. All was excellent and the service was great with explanations and recommendations given. We loved the food, and agree that these dumplings are light, fluffy and are perfect for dipping in the meals sauce.

Lynn F. Embarrass, MN

Tenzin and Chimmy have an amazing passion for foodcraft and it shows!
We were fortunate to try the new Pakoras (Fish and Shrimp) tonight. Wow!!
Response from the owner – in the last week

Joe Hopkins, MN

Dine-In & Take-Out

We offer Dine-in & Dine-out Patio seating.
Reservations Accepted.
Take-out Call: 952-426-3885

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